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Buy Windows 8 Pro Online Download





















































These prices came down to$119.99 and $199.99, respectively, if you upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional. Is there a way to do it now? April 12, 2014 ReadandShare I too have a Win 7 Home Premium OEM key, and would like to do a clean reinstall -- but no longer have the factory rollback option. This wont work for a lot of people, but Microsofts low minimum organization size means most small businesses can qualify. An OEM key is what computer manufacturers (OEMs) purchase from Microsoft to install Windows on PCs they sell. Isn't that just for the upgrade license, or does it work with a full retail disk and an OEM key? April 12, 2014 HectorJavierRoman I have activated different types of licences (retail, OEM, OPEN, MS Subscription) using an AIO Windows 7 DVD. slmgr.vbs -ipk XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX slmgr.vbs -ato April 12, 2014 Lowell Heddings Interesting. Whether you have a Windows 8 DVD or a Windows 8 ISO file you've downloaded from Microsoft,. April 15, 2014 Stickman803 It worked for me.


DO this. Will downloading the ISO from the link above work? April 12, 2014 Stu Somebody clearly define what an OEM key is? April 12, 2014 COMPUTIAC I have a OEM 8.1 on my laptop.If I want to do a clean install, I will have to purchase a Retail DVD ?Is this correct ? April 12, 2014 Naman Sood BniedemMalti Nope, no way. The most important thing is that you have a valid license key. Home Downloads Blog User Reviews . Thismade the Windows 7 Home Premium edition significantly cheaper than its Windows Vista predecessor.


There are 2 simple and easy ways to download Windows 8 from Internet or order Windows 8 DVD online: Using Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant Using Microsoft Store Download or Order Windows 8 DVD Using Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant First of all download Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant. If you don't see it, check your spam folder. Max Its the same thing.GA is general avability when the OS will be available to public.RTM has 9200 build. If youre planning to install it ona different PC, clear the Use recommended options for this PC check box, select options that are more appropriate for the license you have, and then click Next.Note that if youre using the 8.1 version of the tool, you actually start with this screen. This free utility provides a simple interface that lets you select the version of Windows you want, then downloads an ISO for that version straight from Microsofts download servers. Even with the release of 8.1 there is a lot to be desired from Windows 8 which says a few things if you consider the fact that Windows 9 is on its way within the next year. Chris Hoffman said: This isnt an officially supported way to get Windows 7 installation media Microsoft wont recommend this trick but its worked for years. This has been the only exception.


Prior to that, it ran on Sun Solaris. Negotiate Volume Licensing Microsoft doesnt sell Windows to large organizations the same way it sells to individuals. People who continue to buy Apple are simply crazy or out of touch or really don't mind wasting hundreds if not thousands of dollars! I have TONS of free cloud storage, free software, etc. Aryaman Is there any Digital River like download link? Any legal torrent? It will be helpful to get a untouched copy of Win 8 due to lack of bandwidth and or slow speed. But what can you do if you need Windows and dont want to pay that much? Here are your options. Top Deals . It gives you instant access to your friends, apps, and files so you spend less time searching and more time doing. The Microsoft License Advisor tool can be used to generate a quote without calling the hotline.


April 18, 2014 Parth Patel But I have windows 8 preinstalled, Can I download windows 8.1 from links and upgrade because in india internet speed is very low edit by mod- link removed April 18, 2014 Naman Sood Parthweb said: in india internet speed is very low Slow? You mean the download in the Store stops quite often and stuff? That happens to me too. Here are your options for keeping your current Windows setup. Search the site for your schools WebStoreto see whether you can get additional Microsoft products for free through your school, such asWindows 10. For developers & IT pros Develop Windows apps Microsoft Azure MSDN TechNet Visual Studio .. Next, select whether you want the tool to create a bootable USB flash drive with the installation media, or just create an ISO file that you can use or burn to a DVD later. Read More and would prefer to go back to Windows 8.1 or 7, or if you missed your chance to get the free upgrade for an old machine, youll have to look for alternatives. if you're the sort of person who likes to keep up to date with the very latest graphics cards, sound cards, upgrade Bluetooth modules, SSD Drives etc., then a PC is the better choice.

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